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THRIVE Family Program

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is an integral component within the THRIVE Family Program. Being able to interact with other individuals who are learning how to navigate their own healing is extremely helpful. Addiction can be a very isolating experience and at Armour Addiction Services we give our clients ample opportunity to experience the resonance of recovery and to know they are not alone. By sharing information and personal experiences with other members of the group, our clients learn how to express themselves authentically with others in a safe, structured, and supportive environment. Within this safe container facilitated by a member of the Armour Addiction Services clinical team, clients can gain valuable feedback and begin to cultivate a deeper sense of trust, empathy, and awareness – with self and others.

Holistic Therapies

Somatic Therapy

The main goal of Somatic Therapy is recognition and release of physical tension that may remain in the body in the aftermath of a traumatic event. The somatic approach involves the client tracking his or her experience of sensations throughout the body. Depending on the form of somatic psychology used, sessions may include awareness of bodily sensations, embodiment practices, breathing techniques, voice work, physical exercise, movement, and healing touch.

Sound Therapy

We can include sound healing modalities, principles, and practices to support the recovery process and begin to “re-balance the vibration” and respond to the causative factors of an addicted individual. Utilizing education, vocal toning exercises, and group resonance practices we teach our clients to use the most powerful instrument of transformation – their own voice. 

Chronic Stress & Anxiety Management

Focusing on present moment awareness and using the senses our clients have the opportunity to cultivate additional tools for stress and anxiety management (grounding, sensing, orienting, and centering) in their recovery.

Togetherness + Honesty + Recovery + Intuition + Values + Empowerment = Thriving


The THRIVE Family Program begins in early March, 2019 – Space is limited to 10 participants – register today!


The 15 week THRIVE Family Program is approximately 3 hours per week plus time spent on assignments in between sessions. If applicable you may be asked to attend specialized therapy groups. Focusing on building a sense of togetherness, honesty, recovery, intuition, values, and empowerment (T.H.R.I.V.E) the THRIVE program is a holistic and trauma informed approach to helping loved ones who have been impacted by addiction. The THRIVE family program includes topics such as:

Neuroscience of Addiction > Addicted Family Systems > Healing Trauma > Shame & Resilience > Codependency > Self-Care > Conflict Resolution > Developing Healthy Relationships > Communication & Boundaries > Identifying & Processing Feelings

Our comprehensive family program embraces a body-mind-spirit approach to healing. 

The Thrive Family Program also includes: 35-weeks of THRIVE Continuing Care Programming which includes:

> Weekly Group Therapy        > Recovery Coaching     > Ongoing Alumni Support

The Introductory Program Includes: All materials, weekly programming, psycho-education, group therapy, recovery coaching, expressive arts therapy, trauma therapy, somatic experiencing, and assignments.


To register for the THRIVE Family Program please contact Jacqueline Armour via email at armourinc@shaw.ca


Recovery Coaching

With a focus on self-management and self-care we support our clients to develop their own plan for recovery resilience. We support our clients to imagine and work towards a powerful, positive, and compelling vision of their future. By creating a partnership of equals with our clients we co-create a manifestation of a satisfying life in recovery. We know that our clients are the experts on themselves and we bring our expertise in communication as agents of change through a collaborate, strengths-based approach with emphasis on accountability. Through recovery coaching we can help our clients achieve their life, business, and recovery goals more easily and quickly than they would on their own; increasing internal and external skills and assets. Through the development of client-driven goals and plans based on their stated outcomes, at Armour Addiction Services we facilitate the skills needed for our clients to achieve their goals.

Recovery Education

Recovery education is integral to the process of healing from addictions. At Armour Addiction Services Inc. we believe when we know better – we do better. We utilize this educational component to teach our clients the why, what, where, and how of addiction so they may be empowered to apply these teachings to their own recovery process. Used in conjunction with other approaches of group based therapies and cognitive behavioural treatments the intention of this component is to provide individuals struggling with addictions the knowledge needed to better understand their malady and the empowerment needed to cope with it.

Our psycho-education elements involve evidence-based research and cover a broad spectrum of topics. It provides a more thorough understanding on the nature of addiction and the disease model. The workshops also teach in depth about the biology, psychology and recovery process of this disease.

At Armour Addiction Services Inc., we strive to provide our clients with engaging and informative lectures that they can apply to their recovery. Our hope is for our clients to become experts on their experience of addiction.