What is sex addiction?

Sex is a normal part of life, and when enjoyed in a healthy manner it can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Many individuals reach a point when their sexual activity crosses a line and becomes destructive to themselves and those around them. We regularly find that sex addicts struggle with underlying emotional or psychological problems. These often stem from early life abuse such as physical or sexual trauma or emotional neglect. These individuals may need sex addiction treatment to live a better life.

Sex addiction can become physically and mentally harmful. Sex addicts often engage in high-risk sexual behaviour such as: unprotected sex, soliciting sex workers, infidelity, having multiple sex partners etc. Often sex addicts are unable to control their urges and are preoccupied by sexual desires. A sex addict may use sexual activity to cope with anxiety, depression, and life stressors. One may be classified as a sex addict if repeated attempts to stop engaging in a certain type of sexual behaviour are unsuccessful. Sex addicts may have trouble keeping a job, experience marital issues, and even encounter legal problems.

Our Sex Addiction Treatment can help

At Armour Addiction Services our Clinical Team has Certified Sex Addiction Therapists and a Clinical Sexologist. Our team has specialized training to help those struggling with sex addiction and intimacy disorders. Our team will work with clients to help them understand the underlying issues behind their sexual acting out. The sex addiction treatment helps clients build a recovery plan so individuals can live a fulfilling life free from the grasps of sexual addiction.

Armour Addiction Services counsellors provide individual online therapy sessions for patients struggling with sex addiction and intimacy disorders. Additionally, we offer two therapy groups for men: The Sex Addiction Support Group and The Sex Addiction Process Group educational group. Both groups are offered weekly online and available for men struggling with sex addiction. We also offer an Intensive Outpatient Program for those in need of a more in-depth treatment program.

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