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Therapeutic services that work – for you.

Armour Addiction Services provide the opportunity for addiction counselling, recovery coaching, group therapy,  and task work by certified addiction professionals to facilitate individualized recovery plans.

Armour Addiction Services

Our programs have the potential to bring holistic recovery to individuals who are unable to access traditional residential treatment programs or who want to continue with after-care and recovery after completing a traditional treatment program. It provides many of the benefits of traditional treatment approaches, including group sessions led by certified addiction counsellors, peer support, and tools to strengthen your recovery in a way that is convenient and private.

Assessments & Individualized Treatment Plans

All clients are encouraged to go through an assessment process to determine the extent of the present problems and establish the best course of treatment. An individualized treatment plan will identify personal treatment goals and specific steps you can take to reach those goals.

Group Therapy

Being able to interact with other individuals who are learning how to cope with and overcome addiction can be extremely helpful. Addiction can be a very isolating experience and at Armour Addiction Services we give our clients ample opportunity to experience the resonance of recovery and to know they are not alone. By sharing information and personal experiences with other members of the group, our clients learn how to express themselves authentically with others in a safe, structured, and supportive environment. Within this safe container facilitated by a member of the Armour Addiction Services clinical team, clients can gain valuable feedback and begin to cultivate a deeper sense of trust, empathy, and awareness – with self and others. Group Therapy is a component to many of our programs including the Intensive Recovery Program, Men’s Sexual Health Group, and the Intimacy Recovery Program.


Counselling at Armour Addiction Services includes ongoing assessments, treatment planning, case management activities, brief interventions, lifestyle and personal counselling to assist the individual to develop and deepen skills to manage their addiction and issues that arise through the process of recovery.  Focus is placed on social function and enhancement of family health, healing and resolution of related traumas, removing blocks to recovery, environmental influences on addiction and recovery, and modifying the client’s perceptions/thoughts/actions. The primary purpose of these counselling sessions is to facilitate the process of recovery initiation for those who have reached a point of readiness to change.

Counselling at Armour Addiction Services is available online and in person for individuals and couples.


Asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak, it only means you are wise.

We cannot heal in isolation and we cannot recover alone.

Recovery Coaching

With a focus on self-management and self-care we support our clients to develop their own plan for recovery resilience. We support our clients to imagine and work towards a powerful, positive, and compelling vision of their future. By creating a partnership of equals with our clients we co-create a manifestation of a satisfying life in recovery. We know that our clients are the experts on themselves and we bring our expertise in communication as agents of change through a collaborate, strengths-based approach with emphasis on accountability. Through Recovery Coaching we can help our clients achieve their life, business, and recovery goals more easily and quickly than they would on their own; increasing internal and external skills and assets. Through the development of client-driven goals and plans based on their stated outcomes, at Armour Addiction Services we facilitate the skills needed for our clients to achieve their goals – beyond abstinence – to include lifestyle and vision of success.

Recovery Education

Recovery education is integral to the process of healing from addictions and is presented via psycho-educational lectures by leaders in the field of addiction treatment. At Armour Addiction Services we believe when we know better – we do better. Through our Intensive Recovery Program we utilize this educational component to teach our clients the why, what, where, and how of addiction so they may be empowered to apply these teachings to their own recovery process. Used in conjunction with other approaches of group based therapies and cognitive behavioural treatments the intention of this component is to provide individuals struggling with addictions the knowledge needed to better understand their malady and the empowerment needed to cope with it. Read More


Holistic Therapies

Somatic Therapy

The main goal of Somatic Therapy is recognition and release of physical tension that may remain in the body in the aftermath of a traumatic event. The therapy sessions typically involve the patient tracking his or her experience of sensations throughout the body. Depending on the form of somatic psychology used, sessions may include awareness of bodily sensations, embodiment practices, breathing techniques, voice work, physical exercise, movement, and healing touch.

Sound Therapy

The causative factors are biological, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual. Although there is no cure for addiction, there is a solution. Just as addiction is progressive and becomes worse over time if left untreated, recovery is also progressive and an individual’s life can substantially improve over time. We can include sound healing modalities, principles, and practices to support the recovery process and begin to “re-balance the vibration” and respond to the causative factors of an addicted individual. Utilizing education, vocal toning exercises, and group resonance practices we teach our clients to use the most powerful instrument of transformation – their own voice. 


Also known as Nature Based Therapy or Green Therapy, Ecotherapy aims to improve mental and physical wellbeing through through the lens of ‘Natural Law’. Ecotherapy teaches us that people are connected to and impacted by the natural environment. Focusing on present moment awareness and using the senses our clients have the opportunity to cultivate additional tools for stress management (grounding and centering) in their recovery.