Recovery Education

Knowledge is power

Recovery education is integral to the process of healing from addictions and is presented via psycho-educational lectures by leaders in the field of addiction treatment. At Armour Addiction Services we believe when we know better – we do better. We utilize this educational component to teach our clients the why, what, where, and how of addiction so they may be empowered to apply these teachings to their own recovery process. Used in conjunction with other approaches of group based therapies and cognitive behavioral treatments the intention of this component is to provide individuals struggling with addictions the knowledge needed to better understand their malady and the empowerment needed to cope with it.

Our psycho-education elements involve evidence-based research and cover a broad spectrum of topics. It provides a more thorough understanding on the nature of addiction and the disease model. The workshops also teach in depth about the biology, psychology and recovery process of this disease. Clients in our Intensive Outpatient Program will experience weekly education sessions.

At Armour Addiction Services, we strive to provide our clients with engaging and informative lectures that they can apply to their recovery. Our hope is for our clients to become experts on their experience of addiction. When the Intensive Recovery Program is complete, this knowledge can be an invaluable tool for coping fostering recovery resilience. Even in the event of a relapse it is our hope that alumni will recall these tools to gain a deeper understanding of what needs done next to get back on the path of sobriety.