Recovery coaching

What is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery Coaching is a strengths-based support for anyone looking for assistance with their addiction to alcohol, drugs, or behaviors (porn addiction, shopping addiction etc.). As coaches, we believe that you know yourself best, and we want to help you find the true potential within yourself. We understand that everyone is in a different place, and we will meet you where you are at. Recovery is a process, and we respect that each client is on their own unique journey.

When you work with one of our recovery coaches, we will support you in creating a healthy routine and goals that align with where you want to be. Together we can identify what areas in your life are going well and what areas may need improvement. We want to help you remove barriers and obstacles to your recovery. By building recovery capitol, we can support clients living a lifestyle that promotes sustainable well-being.

There is no right or wrong approach to recovery, and we understand that what might work for one individual, may not work for another. That’s why each client will work on their own custom recovery plan with their coach. Our coaches are well versed in the various recovery support groups and can help clients explore what might work for them. We will never push a particular fellowship or recovery method on a client, our job is to act as a resource guide and companion to help you discover what may work for you.

Accessible and comfortable support

Recovery Coaching offered at Armour Addiction Services is confidential and offered through online video conferencing.

Recovery coaching may be suitable for individuals looking to enhance their recovery by:

  • Creating plans for relapse prevention
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Improving their relationship to self and others
  • Fostering recovery resilience
  • Making values based decisions
  • Identifying and focusing on strength based assets
  • Receiving encouragement and accountability
  • Moving out of isolation towards deeper connection
  • Cultivating a spiritual practice that works for them


Through recovery coaching we create a partnership of equals with our clients

With a focus on self-management and self-care, we support our clients to develop their own plan for recovery resilience. We support our clients to imagine and work towards a powerful, positive, and compelling vision of their future. With recovery coaching we act as agents of change through a collaborative, strengths-based approach with emphasis on accountability.

Together we co-create a manifestation of a satisfying life in recovery

At Armour Addiction Services we help our clients to achieve their life, business, and recovery related goals more easily and quickly than they would on their own; increasing internal and external skills and assets.

Through the development of client-driven goals and plans based on their stated outcomes, at Armour Addiction Services we facilitate the skills needed for our clients to achieve their goals – beyond abstinence – to include lifestyle and vision of success.


Peter barry

Peter barry


Peter’s journey into recovery began in 2016. As a Canadian Certified Recovery Coach, Peter brings both personal experience and foundational knowledge of the many difficulties around Substance Abuse and Mental Health recovery. His extensive work with individuals in recovery-based supportive living gives him a unique insight into the many day-to-day challenges of early recovery, and the opportunities to learn and grow from those experiences.




Krista is a Vancouver Island native who has worked in the wellness industry for 20 years. After overcoming her challenges and entering a life of long-term recovery, she felt the desire to give back and help other individuals struggling with addiction. Krista is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach through the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches. When Krista is not at work she enjoys hiking, exploring the island and spending time with her two children.

we offer two types of coaching services

We know that everyone has different needs and requirements, so we provide clients with two different coaching options.

1. Standalone Coaching Sessions (Generally booked once per week)


2. Rapid Recovery Coaching



Our Rapid Recovery Coaching Program will help you build on the fundamentals necessary to succeed in recovery and life. Recovery coaching has recently emerged as one of the most valuable tools for those seeking support along their journey. Together we have celebrated the successes and growth of many clients who have worked with our coaches. We have seen our clients lead lives they once only dreamt of!

After talking to members in our community, we found many in early recovery desired coaching that was more intensive than a weekly session. At Armour Addiction Services, we brainstormed the best way to better serve clients and designed The Rapid Recovery Coaching Program. Now in addition to a weekly recovery coaching session, you can have access to your coach in between appointments. Each morning (Monday to Saturday) you will be able to coordinate check-ins (via phone, text or email) to set a plan for the day! In the evenings your coach will be available for a daily de-brief conversation. During your first session your coach will discuss a communication schedule and method that fits your needs.


With our RAPID Recovery Coaching Program we will:

  • Support you making a daily and weekly plan
  • Provide accountability
  • Help you reach your stated goals
  • Encourage new healthy patterns
  • Assist in creating relapse prevention plans
  • Be there for you every day



Whether you want individual sessions or our RAPID coaching program, you will no longer have to feel stuck or alone. Our coaches will walk alongside you to offer guidance and support. You will create a partnership with our coaches who will be there every step of the way.

Contact us today for a free consult to see if coaching may be for you! We offer online 30-minute consultations where you can meet a coach and see if we would be a good fit. Many clients have chosen to see our recovery coaches in addition to our other services such as counselling and groups. Let us help you live the fulfilling sober life which you deserve to live!