Pornography can become addictive to some in the same way as drugs and alcohol. Individuals with a pornography addiction may view pornography as an escape from reality, and often neglect other areas of their lives. A porn addict may use porn as a mechanism to escape from the feelings and emotions that they do not want to feel. Porn addiction is progressive, and the addict often seeks more explicit and graphic material as time goes on. Unfortunately addicts may sometimes access illegal material to get the same rush they once had. This escalation in behaviour can create problems for the addict and those around them. Often individuals struggle to stop on their own, and choose to seek pornography addiction treatment.

The consequences of pornography addiction can result in depression, anxiety, and lack of motivation. Porn addiction can cause sexual disfunction and a lack of interest in sex. Furthermore, an addict may will withdraw from an intimate partner and disassociate from their relationships. Excessive pornography use can also cause an individual to avoid intimate relationships.

HOW our pornography addiction treatment can help

Our clinical team has Certified Sex Addiction Therapists and a Clinical Sexologist  with specialized training to help those struggling with pornography addiction. We provide counselling to help clients recognize patterns in their pornography use and help them change behaviours. Our therapists will work with clients to help understand the underlying emotional issues or trauma that may lead to this behaviour. We provide a safe confidential environment for clients to work through their pornography addiction and work towards living a life of recovery.

Our counsellors provide individual online therapy sessions for those struggling with porn addiction and intimacy disorders. Additionally, we offer two therapy groups for men, The Sex Addiction Support Group and The Sex Addiction Process Group. Both groups are offered weekly online. We also offer an Intensive Outpatient Recovery Program for those in need of a more in-depth pornography addiction treatment program.

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