Meet Peter

 We are delighted to introduce you to Peter, our alcohol and substance addiction counsellor at Armour Addiction Services. With years of experience managing a recovery facility and a living a personal journey of recovery himself, Peter offers genuine empathy and understanding. His commitment is rooted in a deep passion for helping others.

Recovery from addiction is possible

What does counselling with peter look like?

 When you work with Peter, you can feel safe in a judgement free zone, where your recovery journey is met with compassion and understanding. Healing is not just a possibility, it’s an achievable reality. Together, you will explore the roots of your substance use, unraveling the underlying causes for lasting change.

Peter understands that everyone’s requirements and goals differ, and he meets clients where they are at with a client centered approach. He encompasses personalized treatment plans and relapse prevention strategies into his sessions, empowering you with a tailored roadmap for life’s challenges. Sessions are flexible, adapting to your evolving needs.

While we encourage participation in community support groups, our programs are not confined to a specific model. Your recovery journey is unique, and Peter’s role is to support you in finding the approach that resonates with you the most.

we can help you walk a new path

Starting the process

 In the digital age, we’ve made counselling convenient with online sessions through Zoom, ensuring meaningful engagement from the comfort of your home. Understanding the significance of a strong counselor-client fit, we invite you to meet Peter for a free Zoom consultation. This allows you to discuss expectations and ensure a genuine connection that supports your therapeutic goals.

Peter is ready to extend his support to those navigating challenges with alcohol and substance use. If you or someone you know is seeking guidance on the path to recovery, Peter is here for you.