Partners of addicts

Partners of addicts need support

Far too often when we think about addiction, we seek help for the addict and overlook the loved ones who surround them. Dealing with a partner or loved one in addiction can lead to anger, resentment, loneliness, and pain. We believe that addiction affects the whole family and that the healing process must be embraced by everyone. Each member of the family will have their own journey. Our own mental health and wellbeing may have shifted from where it once was. We may have forgotten how to set boundaries and take care of ourselves. We must learn how to rebuild trust and deal with the painful, sometimes overwhelming emotions in order to continue on with our lives.

At Armour Addiction Services we offer help for partners and loved ones of addicts. We want to support both the addict and the people around them who have been affected by the disease of addiction. Our Certified Addictions Counsellors can offer support and guide you through the process of growth. We have Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT) and Certified Partner Trauma Therapists (CPTT) on our team.

Help for partners of sex Addicts 

In addition to partners of alcoholics/drug users we also offer support for partners of sex addicts. We understand the feelings of devastation when finding out a partner has been unfaithful. Whether you decide to move on or try to repair the relationship, we can offer you support. Our clinical team will listen to your story in a compassionate, non- judgmental way and facilitate an awakening in your self-awareness and help you gain clarity in your relationship.

We offer a support groups for partners who have been betrayed, “Moving Beyond Betrayal.” Here you will find others who have gone through similar circumstances and are working on their path to healing. They are small, intimate groups which takes place online. Facilitated by our Certified Partner Trauma Therapist, participants are able to express their pain and struggles in a supportive group setting and work through it with others.


We understand that betrayal can be an incredibly painful and difficult experience. It can leave you feeling hurt, confused, and overwhelmed. You may be struggling to make sense of your emotions and find a way forward. We want you to know that you are not alone, and we are here to offer support, understanding, and guidance as you navigate the journey of healing.

Couples Counselling

We also offer couples counselling to help partners work towards establishing a healthy relationship. Our counsellors will help partners set boundaries, learn to listen from the heart, and express feelings in a healthy loving way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support couples and partners of addicts.

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