An online recovery solution designed for individuals who wish to take action to live a life free from the grips of substance abuse and addiction without having to break the bank.

We invite you to read about our 8-week online program. Please contact us if you have any questions!


As part of our Intensive Recovery Program you will be part of our weekly evening recovery coaching online group. Our group is designed to help equip you with the tools, skills, and knowledge to be successful in recovery. Join like minded individuals each week to share in your successes and challenges. Our coaches will help guide you towards your goals through weekly topics, check-ins, and assignments. Get encouragement, accountability, and support from our group!

Thearpy & Recovery Coaching

Each week you will have an online therapy and recovery coaching session. Our team will support you in creating a healthy routine and goals that align with where you want to be. Together we can identify what areas in your life are going well and what areas may need improvement. We want to help you remove barriers and obstacles to your recovery. By building recovery capital, we can support you in creating a lifestyle that promotes a sustainable and sober well-being. 

Daily Check-ins

 We want to make sure you feel supported throughout your journey. In addition to a weekly recovery coaching session, for the first 4 weeks your coach will be in touch with you daily. Each morning you will be able to check-in with your coach to set a plan for the day! In the evening your coach will be available for a daily debrief conversation. Coaches are able to work with you to find a communication method and time that fits in your life (i.e. phone call, text messages, emails etc.).

Online Education Modules

To begin a successful recovery, you will need an extensive education in addiction, recovery, and relapse prevention. Here you will be registered in an 8 module online education series. The series is designed to be taken over an 8-week period; however, you can take it slower and at your own pace if you choose.

The program is made up of educational videos, addiction movies, coping strategies, helpful hints, assignments and so much more. 

Learn valuable Tools from our education modules

  • Learn about addiction and how to live in recovery by watching psychoeducational lectures on a broad spectrum of topics.
  • Our videos will teach you in-depth about the biology, psychology and the recovery process of addiction.
  • Many videos contain downloadable assignments which help you reflect on each topic and discover how it relates to your own experience.
  • With readings, coping skills, and tips we set you up for success by giving you recovery based concepts to incorporate every day through the duration of the each program. Many little steps result in big changes.

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