Sharing Can Be Healing

Being able to interact with other individuals who are learning how to cope with and overcome addiction can be extremely helpful. Addiction can be a very isolating experience and at Armour Addiction Services we give our clients ample opportunity to experience the resonance of recovery and to know they are not alone. By sharing information and personal experiences with other members of the group, our clients learn how to express themselves authentically with others in a safe, structured, and supportive environment. Within this safe container facilitated by a member of the Armour Addiction Services clinical team, clients can gain valuable feedback and begin to cultivate a deeper sense of trust, empathy, and awareness – with self and others. Group Therapy is a component to many of our programs including:

Intensive Recovery program

Group is an integral component of the Intensive Recovery Program. Clients will participate in weekly groups with other individuals.

Sex addiction process group

 Our Sex Addiction Process Group group is an educational group where men dealing with sex addiction meet weekly and work together through various materials including some from Dr. Patrick Carnes’ workbook.

moving beyond betrayal group

The Moving Beyond Betrayal Group provides treatment partners need after experiencing the pain from their partner’s sexual compulsive behaviour.


Our Sex Addiction Support Group specializes in intimacy disorders, including relationship breakdown, relationship addiction, sex addiction, and pornography addiction.