Addictions we treat

What we help with

At Armour Addiction Services we strive to help clients who struggle with a broad range of addictive behaviours and patterns. We are trained to treat several different areas of addiction. Many of our clients struggle with addictions to several different substances and behaviours, but we believe that the core emotions behind addiction are the same regardless of what the client uses to cope with these feelings. We offer groups, counselling, and outpatient treatment programs to those struggling with substance use disorders such as drug addiction and alcoholism. In addition, we specialize with clients who suffer from intimacy disorders such as sex addiction, and pornography addiction.

Our counselling services can provide therapy for several other issues listed here. We also offer support for partners of addicts, and have a weekly group for betrayal trauma, called Moving Beyond Betrayal.


alcoholism/drug Addiction

We offer several programs and services designed to help you break free from substance abuse.

sex addiction

We provide support and therapy to those who have intimacy issues and struggle with sex addiction.

pornography addiction

Related to sex addiction, pornography addiction is a process addiction which has become increasingly problematic for many.