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Armour Addiction Services

Accessible, holistic, full-spectrum addiction recovery programs.

Intensive Recovery Program

Your life doesn’t have to stop – to start recovery.

Recovering Intimacy Program

The first program in Canada focused on treating addictions correlated to problems with intimacy, sex, and relationships.

Counselling Services

For individuals, couples, partners, families, and groups.

At Armour Addiction Services

We provide long term solutions for recovery from addiction.


In Victoria, British Columbia we provide accessible, timely, and responsive addiction treatment.

Recovery Programs

Focusing on advocacy, education, and empowerment.

When things in our lives shatter and cannot be put back together we can use these fragments to piece together a mosaic that is even more beautiful and fulfilling than what we started with.

Saved My Life…

Jackie truly understood what I was going through, and who I was deep down, as she had been there – she has lived my story – her constant empathy and understanding are genuine.

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From Surviving To Thriving…

Overcoming an addiction is so much more involved than simply putting the substances down. Armour Addiction Services showed me I had a life worth saving and a life worth living.

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Recent Posts

Creative Expression in Recovery

Creative Expression in Recovery

Many musicians, painters, writers, composers, and other artists believe that alcohol and drugs boost their creativity. They may feel they need to rely on substances to create their artwork, music or novels, believing that alcohol and drugs feed their creativity. This...

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Clayton Campbell

Clayton Campbell

Clayton brings an extensive and rich history of experiences working in and around the addictions recovery field. Clayton is a solid proponent of recovery and carries a pervasive belief that anyone is capable of change no matter what obstacles they may be facing. With...

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Benefits of Inpatient and Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Benefits of Inpatient and Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Recovery from addiction is a process. There are diverse types of addiction recovery treatment programs for individuals suffering from substance abuse and addiction. Typically these different addiction recovery programs can be divided into two main categories -...

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